Our Approach

Talisman’s capital originates from its partners, not institutional investors. As such, our investing philosophy is different than institutional private equity firms. We don’t have artificial, finite holding periods for any investments that we make. Instead, we are driven by what is best for the business and our partners from a strategic and a long-term value creation standpoint.

Flagship Businesses
We seek opportunities where we can leverage our experience as entrepreneurs and operators
We have created and managed three “Flagship Businesses” that each grew from infancy (less than $1M of annual earnings) to greater than $500M of annual revenue and $1B of enterprise value.
per investment
...to make meaningful investments in great businesses
We deploy up to $100M of capital per opportunity (typically starting in the $10-25M range), and our partnerships have historically achieved results that would place our returns in the top quartile of institutional capital.
lead capital investments

special situation investments
...as a majority control partner or special situation investor
We have been the lead outside capital in over 15 investments and have made more than 20 significant non-control investments in attractive situations. We seek to provide capital based on the unique needs of the business, including control equity, non-control equity, and debt (mezzanine) capital.
...to partner with the right teams across a variety of industries
We focus on people and opportunities where we can add value, and are open to opportunities in nearly all industries.