About Us

We are the private investment company of the Walter family based in Columbus, Ohio. Our perspectives are formed by our shared experiences as entrepreneurs, operators, and investors.

Real Partnerships
We place heavy emphasis on partnering with the right people, where there are opportunities to build significant value in attractive and growing industries.

Values-based problem solver
We seek to build upon existing strengths of the business, and leverage our proprietary resources to lift limitations and overcome obstacles.

Financial sustainability
We only invest our own capital. We have no outside investors or fee streams that distract us from our focus on building great businesses.

Structured for optimal alignment
We are structured for optimal alignment with our partners – to make decisions that are best for the business, and not sacrificing long-term value creation for near-sighted gains. We do not have the artificial time constraints and burdensome investment parameters that affect most private equity firms.

Every company matters to us
We aim to make only a few investments per year.

Performance and outcomes
We aim to drive performance and outcomes like a structured private equity fund, but with the approach and flexibility of a permanent business owner.